Saturday, February 12, 2011

1.2 billion cricket fans and a unified wet dream

so... i know... not all of India is dying to watch cricket... but given that there might be a few more people outside of India... who are still into cricket... i guess we get pretty close to this number :)

so... needless to say... wet-dreams... need to have a central character... a super-hero of sorts... who bigger & better super hero... than the one & only... "Sachin Tendulkar" :)

gave it away too easy you think? well it was bloody obvious... if it wasn't.. .you possibly don't follow cricket anyway and wouldn't be reading this...

so ya... as we all know.. this is most-likely sachin's last world cup... also.. we know about how he is on 46 one day 100's...

first... match.. against bangladesh... sachin... doesn't perform... makes a start gets out.. blah blah.. pundit's have a field day...

second match... against england... india bats first... sachin gets a big hundred.. we have a thumping victory :) :) 47 100's for the master-blaster

third match... against ireland... sachin gets 50 odd.. he is just chilling in life anwyay... we win comfortably blah blah blah

fourth match... against netherlands... sachin really gets behin the bowling this time! another record 100... :) :) :) 48 100's for the master-blaster

fifth match... against south africa... this is a pressure match... 2 of the best teams and all of that jazz.. we'll lose this one... sachin will also not score... indian cricket will be dead in the media for about 3 days

sixth & last match... against west indies... another 50... this time in the 90's... pressure... blah bull crap.. life goes on...

qf2 ... india vs sl .. chalo fir.. ye to hona hi tha.. wc favorite's dark horses.. blah blah get romped.. 100 no 49 for master-blaster!! that's 100 100's ... in international cricket for the man!!!

sf1... india vs aus... who'd hv thgt... here they meet again... biggest threat... needs something spl... but this is sehwag's day... sachin fails miserably :S but we win anyway? hai na.. :P

WC FINAL!!! tadaan - tadaaan... if you have come this far... you know how this goes... we win the world cup... sachin hit's 50th one day 100!!

and then i guess we as a cricketing nation will sleep peacefully on the 2nd of april... a whole generation will feel like a man who defined their times... finally did... what he had ever picked up a cricket bat to do... it's been done & dusted... the greatest world cup of my life-time is done :)


Saturday, January 01, 2011


The sun was shining bright on a yellow sunday afternoon
She sat there watching me devour my food

As I sucked the juicy gravy from that last piece of marrow

Her jewellery was elaborate to complement the casual dressing
Just like the place was humble against the divinity of the food

They'd walked in holding hands... up-close like new love always does
But the cracks were beginning to show on the lunch table…

Their eyes hardly met as each explored their own version of tranquility

Its never quite so easy to find life & love to coincide & coexist
The charade ended with the meal & them walking away from each other

Friday, December 31, 2010

pretty ppl have the most fun problems!

so... the blogosphere wouldn't know about this....but abt a month back on twitverse.... i was talking about the great joy of following pretty people...

a few people even ridiculed the thought publically... i'm sure atleast thrice more thought me a creep... but well.. i did manage to follow a few pretty people...

having as much free time as the year end brings... and reading all about their lives... my belief got seconded... pretty people have the most fun problems :)

so somebody had a problem about how @ a specific party... nobody spoke to them... she's not exactly ms. popular... but she's no dull-douche either! so WHY were ppl ignoring her...

and when the mystery unraveled it was even more fun...

the thing about pretty people problems is... they're real... make no doubt... and they'd bother you too... if you had them... but us-lesser-mortals... or less-halves... are so far behind in the race of things we got going our way... that we never reach the liberated stage of pretty people problems (PPP henceforth) ! :)

PPP are like at a state of self-actualization in the hierarchy of problems... which is actually kind of sucky... because the pretty people still have the common world problems like you & me... sometimes even the existential questions bother them... but it's their everyday problems that really make my day...

someday... i wish to be a shrink for the pretty people... (maybe if i charge a lot of fee & somehow angle myself as for the young crowd... i'd automatically get only the pretty people...) its fairly difficult to turn fat & ugly @ a young age... though god knows we have seen the exceptions around us...

on that happy note... we end this year... may the pretty problems of the pretty souls prevail... as i chuckle under my breath and chug another beer :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

still waters... run deep

so its been a quiet year for all of us around here... i think after having written every month last year... its only fair to not write much this time around :)

also now.. i think nothing is really happening... maybe we need to do something...

hopefully when we come back... there'll be something worth talking about!

until then... then!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

your eyes

There were broken glass charades!
In every corner of my room!
Instead of stepping on them purposefully!
I found myself a broom..

Your love was all parrot green..
It shone bright under the sun!
Instead of happily ever after..
I was a man on the run!

Now I see your legs wrapped in denim hot pants!
My sill stern silence so much worse than your loud rants!
You were all bugs bunny!
In my film where I can't act!

If wishes were horses!
You'd magically have a rack!
Smile a small smile for me!
Let the kitchen sink not come in the way..

We wanted theough bred dogs..
But I only fall for strays!
It took about a min and a half!
For us to circumnavigate the world..

The music had stopped!
But I cudnt help but twirl!
There's a yellow color cycle singing aimless songs...
I have it all figd out..
Let's just stick to the slow dance

Sunday, May 30, 2010

An ode to her spirit

She's like an old muse wrapped in yellow
Like all habits! So hard to break

I've been sipping her slow & oaky self
I still get mesmerised 3 hours hence

Sometimes like the sea all violent & unpredictable
Sometimes like my backyard swimming pool! My bitch

Red flags turn green.. I get lost in you
Despite the fake protests.. Still stuck on you

Consume me nice & easy..
Where's the rush to get thru

On a moonlit night in the still of the night
There's no one else like you

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what's his face?

There are black colored windows

Which are hiding black colored walls

I see your mouth moving

But there’s no sound at all

The web is thick and hopeful

The moment seems ripe

When I wrap my arms around you

You vanish out of sight

Questions queens and qualifiers

All so queer without you

When the moment came to rise

We chose to stumble & fall

Verdicts are often passed

Without much thought or worry

When its all a forgone conclusion

Why try to fight an inevitable withdrawl